How do you Buy a Flip?

How to buy a flip is really about how creative you want to be. How much do you want to start with in the side income. You can start with very little or you can start with a lot. But never put in more than you can live with out encase it take along time to sell or worse you loose money. There is no grantee when you are flipping. But as you gain experience the how will become very easy.

Where Do you Buy A Flip?

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When Is a good time to buy a Flip?

How much Should I spend on a flip?

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So what is it you want to flip? Do you know what you want to flip? I would recommend something you have and interest in, or something you have knowledge in.


Like If you were drug around with you aunt to antique stores. You may know when you find a piece at a garage sale that needs a little work, they are selling it cheap, you can repair it and sell it for a nice little profit.

Just about anything thing can be flipped if you want it to. You can specialize in say Hubcaps. Then you a small crowd of collectors that you work with. You could restore them, or just dust them off and sell them as is. It up to how you wan to do it. I will be giving you my best judgement on what will make you the best money for the least amount of work.